Our Story

A man in his early thirties found himself spending hours on his weekends playing a game of golf with friends and family. They'd spend hours competing against themselves and each other. They weren't just playing a game, they were catching up on their weeks and getting an opportunity to be outside and away from the world for hours. There are so many lessons that golf can teach someone. It's both a game that requires great patience and self-discipline. The beauty of golf is the gratification of seeing yourself improve week after week, while also getting to connect with friends and family that you may not be able to see all the time. 

Golf is game that allows me to connect with my dad. There are very few sports where age doesn't matter when you play. You can be paired up with teenagers or retired adults. You can play with people who are amazing at the game or just starting out. Over the years I’ve watched people get more interested in the game. As a lot of my friends have been blessed with having children, something that is commonly discussed is how they’d love to have their kids get into the sport. 

Driven by these recurring conversations I looked for golf themed baby gifts to give to my friends and did not like the options that were out there. I decided to take matters into my own hands as I believe there is a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of young golfers.

Two Tree Putt was created with one goal; bring more golf into the home. I hope this book gives parents a way to share their love for the game with the next generation.